Vancouver Convention Centre envisions future of safe events with ‘ReDesign’

As part of its efforts to prepare for the return of events, the Vancouver Convention Centre invited local businesses, event organizers and meeting planners to experience ReDesign, a live demonstration space exploring the future of safe events amidst a changing industry landscape.

Created in collaboration with Levy Show Service Inc. and other industry partners, ReDesign presented an immersive experience for Vancouver’s event professionals throughout last September highlighting how event aspects could evolve to be safer in consideration of COVID-19’s significant impact. Guests also had the opportunity to share their own innovations, ideas and feedback on how to enhance the overall event experience moving forward.

“This was an exciting opportunity to collaborate with our partners and collectively work towards innovative solutions to help our industry move forward and at the same time begin to earn trust around the hosting of meetings and events,” says Craig Lehto, General Manager of the Vancouver Convention Centre. “When the time is right, and it is safe and appropriate to resume events, it is critical that we and our partners are fully prepared to welcome guests back into our facility confidently. With ReDesign, we took a proactive step to explore what events at that time will look like and how they can function so that our clients are able to host meaningful experiences with the assurance that decisions are informed by safety as a foundational priority.”

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