Our experienced logistics staff will support you with your inbound, outbound shipping, advance warehousing as well as Customs clearance.
Here are some of the best reasons for acquiring Levy Logistics Shipping and Transportation service:
  • SAVE MONEY! SAVE TIME! PEACE OF MIND! When shipping (Local and International) with the Official show appointed shipper and customs brokerage service provider
  • Advance Delivery of shipment in your booth space prior to your setup at the show
  • Priority Customs Clearance service in collaboration with Canada/U.S. CBSA and CBP border agencies
  • Turn Key Coordination from pick up at your location and delivery to your booth with RETURN shipment available
  • Hassle Free  paperwork, bill of lading and documentations provided and completed by our experience and dedicated specialist
  • International Shipment and Storage for your exhibits between events in North America
  • 24/7 Customer Service supervision at the show during the event set up and move out
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We want your event to be a success and we’re here to help you to be ready to get the show started.
•Please call today (604) 277 1726 or email operations@levyshow.com

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